Headstrong (Clouds & Randomer)

Headstrong (Clouds & Randomer) ϟ Voltage Festival 2018


Clouds are Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson from Scotland. With a sound of developed sludge techno surgically speared with influences of hardcore and rave, they have rolled versatile weapons out with inventive dj sets and break neck improvised live shows. Since 2013’s Ghost Systems Rave LP on Turbo and a slew of EPs on Soma, Opal Tapes and Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe, Clouds have started the label Headstrong to release their own music and perform with co conspirator Randomer. Clouds don’t conform to conventions as demonstrated in their 2017 Soma Quality Recordings Boiler Room Glasgow show.

Clouds get the troops taught with lessons in devastation.



Hailing from North London, Randomer is one of the most prolific producers of the past decade. Few have a recent back catalogue as rich and diverse as Randomer. His discography reads like a who’s who of modern techno: across a six year career, he’s produced four EPs for Untold’s Hemlock Recordings; released records for Hessle Audio, Numbers and Clone; and most recently, been cherrypicked by Ron Morelli’s famous L.I.E.S for two releases, and a lo-fi workout on its sublabel Russian Torrent Versions.  As a DJ, Randomer is one of the UK’s finest, capable of effortlessly stitching together modern bass with classic techno and less esoteric 4/4 rhythms