Endove ϟ Voltage Festival 2018

Flor De Baene, better known as Endove, has always been passionate about music. Caught by the inspirational exploration of the electronic music scene and its appalling backstages, he decided to be part of it and to start performing behind the decks himself.

This led to the birth of Endove in 2014, and a maturing sonic signature nurtured by dark, groovy but still melodic techno that takes the dancefloor audience on a heavenly journey throughout the night.

Having spearheaded club Søndag for over a year, he got further inspirited and involved in joint projects with fellows like Kortryk and Primitive People.

If warm ups and closings have no secret for him in venues such as Labyrinth Club, Café d'Anvers, Decadance, De Kreun and festivals like Cirque Magique and Voltage Festival, he also played next to big headliners like Marcel Dettmann, Paul Ritch, Alex Niggeman, Einmusik, Reboot, Monoloc, Dax J, Johannes Heil, Dense&Pika, Charlotte De Witte, Amelie Lens, Woo/York, Makam, Konstantin Sibold, Hunter/Game,... This guy certainly knows how to boost the crowd’s emotions and stamina!