Podcast / 11 August 2022

VOLTAGE Podcast 35 - DJ Spit

DJSPIT square cover


  1. Lijah - Alhassan (9Trane Remix)
  2. DJ Girl x DJ Flp - Freekbeat
  3. L*o*J - Rolling
  4. Porter Brook - The Proposed Roads
  5. MSJY - We Stallion
  6. DJ Madd - Kong
  7. Naked and Afraid and Alone - Cheat
  8. Benuebermensch - Bounz Back
  9. Binary Digit - 35KElektro
  10. Harka - Days Thinkin
  11. Deft - Burna
  12. Harka - Work Ya Body
  13. Andrew Juke - Remorse02
  14. BSN Posse - Burnin` Shoes (ft. Jon1st)
  15. Hadley - Talking
  16. Høst - Better with A925
  17. Mutant Joe - Silk Gore
  18. Acraze - Do it to it (Erotic Cafe Flip)
  19. DJ Sofa - Big Boys in Bristol
  20. Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique - Back it up (Oakk`s Taste Edit)
  21. Kessler - Lamberts Rise

Breaking rhythmic codes and rethinking club music as a whole, DJ Spit has been offering sets all around Europe with a forward thinking, heavily UK inspired track selection. Playing records from a young age and growing up listening to metal more than anything, DJ Spit integrated himself in DJ circles at eighteen, which has led to a longtime passion for music and selection that developed into a quickly rising career.

With two new digital labels under his name, Rascals Records and Verteiler, he furthers his work in music research by putting together records with his best found artists around him and pushing them to the forefront of his German scene. He currently holds down a residency at HÖR Berlin, the famous online streaming platform where he runs the Explorers podcast, regularly inviting fresh artists to come play like Omrann and CEM.

With all of this work playing, promoting, and digging, DJ Spit plans to kick off his production career with a highly anticipated debut release. Increasingly playing large venues all over Germany, playing as resident at Tbilisi’s Tes Club, and so much more, DJ Spit aligns himself with a new wave of up and coming artists that prioritize eclecticism and originality.


Can you walk us through the process of selecting tracks for this podcast? What criteria does a track have to match in order to make the cut and fit your ‘sound’?

I am always trying to bring something new to the table while respecting the podcast platform which I am recording the mix for. Generally I record each mix only once and it really always depends on my mood on that day. Most of the time I have one or at most two tracks that I like a lot during the week and I build the set around that/those track(s). Linear podcasts in one genre never exist for me and that's why I try to change the speed as often as possible or include unusual transitions to make the hour as interesting and unexpected as a club set. There is only one selection criterion: the track has to be fresh.

If you had to pick one record that stands out for you, which one would it be? And why?

This answer is actually impossible to answer, so I chose my favorite album from last year. Joy Orbison: Still Slipping on XL Recordings. It's the kind of electronic music that I would show my father, who is a metal hardliner, and he would understand more what I do for a living. The facets of the album are just outstanding.

Tracklist handwritten by DJ Spit

What’s the story behind your artist name?

I had another name before this one and was at a friend's house a few years ago where we had sprayed the walls full of graffiti and useless words. In the process of it, I asked my friends for a new name and we sprayed several words on the walls and 'dj spit' stood out the most. I like the idea as a (so far) pure dj to also really have the dj in the name and not get too confused with the artist name.

It’s a known fact you’re thoroughly skilled in both, but do you prefer record players or CDJ’s for your performances?

When I first started DJing, I only played records. It was and is extremely important to me to know my craft and to go deep into the matter by buying records and to understand where the music I play today comes from. In my hometown, my best friend and I were the only ones who played and bought records at the age of 15/16, but when I was 18 I was very lucky to meet absolute vinyl connoisseurs early in Berlin with whom I was allowed to play for days. I disliked cdjs for a long time because of this.

Meanwhile, however, I play 70% digitally and 30% analogue, due to the changed sound I play and due to the versatility that I try to present in my sets. It gives me more freedom and when I play digitally.

The artwork you regularly use (f.ex. to promote your tours) seems to contain references to pop art. What do you like in this style and how does it reflect your work?

I use quite a few artworks from an old college friend: IG // takisbasil. I've always liked glitch art and AI and I think it suits my music quite well. Just like the podcasts, this aesthetic changes weekly. To be honest I don't invest too much time in Instagram because I'm already stressed out from the postings.

DJ Spit's home setup used to record the VOLTAGE Podcast mix

As the label co-founder of Verteiler label and A&R at RASCALS, what does the talent scouting process look like and how does your own experience come into play to guide these upcoming talents?

I dig a lot every week and actually listen to new artists every day to develop both the labels and my own taste in music. I have so many ideas in my head for releases that I could actually curate 6 different labels. I have a personal relationship with almost everyone I work with, and with the artists from abroad I immediately noticed just through their music that this can only fit. The process of finding is constantly changing and so is Rascals and Verteiler. In both projects there is an emotional musical red line which, like us as listeners, should constantly develop.

Having a heavy touring schedule on your hands, how does a club get you to stick around and become one of their regular performers? In other words, what traits and values from Tbilisi’s Tes Club line up with yours, in order for you to become their new resident?

There are a handful of clubs that I have a close relationship with, but at Tes the project felt so right and interesting that I just couldn't say no. Being able to be a part of the development so early after opening was a very important point after the incredible energy within the club and the whole team. I can only warmly recommend it. 10/10

Is Partiboi69 actually human?

Is a centaur?

Any new goals or releases brewing for the near future?

I'm currently working on my first own release, as well as a digital release for Verteiler and the new Rascals record. You can be curious :)

Next up: Schwefelgelb

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