Voltage: How To Survive The Festival

We’ve all been there: you embark on a weekend long Festival journey in good spirits. You know there are three days to fill, but your plans to pace yourself in the beginning soon go overboard when “That Friend” also shows up. Next thing you know, you wake up on the first morning with a tongue that feels like you’ve eaten out of a sandbox, a wide array of strangers are sleeping next to you in a tent that wasn’t designed for so many people, and the leftovers of your brain are screaming for air and liquids. Ah, the summer.

So, we figured we’d offer you a little guide on how to survive the festival. And because we believe in giving people ample warning, we can only send you into battle after sharing our Voltage Commandments. Amen.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Yes, we know: you came to hear Dax J but somehow got into a debate with some random dude about the importance of using the right equipment when fishing for trout, and so you lost track of time! Bummer!

Don’t despair: if you go to the timetable on the website, you can mark your favorites, print the schedule, and come prepared. But even better: there’s an app too, so save a tree, baby. Versions for Apple and Android are available.

Alternatively: just ignore the schedule completely, go on a discovery trail and be surprised by a new God.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Well… you can do whatever you like, really, as long as you are consenting adults and you respect your partner(s). But do it safely. That’s why there’s a booth by Safe’n Sound where you’ll be able to get some condoms should the juices get flowing. Don’t want to hear the Devil’s temptations? They also have earplugs there. And if you have been watching too many Netflix episodes of El Chapo, you’ll also find information about drugs.

Thou shall feed the hungry.

Whatever you fancy, there’s some truly great food on the Festival. Paul’s Boutique will provide his signature burgers, Smoke On has a proper BBQ, there are vegan and veggie healthy bowls by Bulgur Bowls and if you need a sugar boost, there’s amazing ice and pancakes by Ice Jewels. Hungry yet?

Thou shall find your path your redemption easily.

In the app or on the website is a handy map where you can find places to eat, drink, dance, pee, sleep, walk, swing, crawl, read,… it’s all there.

Thou shalt not be a twat.

The techno scene is so beautiful, mostly because we are a family. And family looks out for one another. So: keep an eye on each other. Respect your fellow party goers and if you see someone in trouble for whatever reason: help out. And if it’s more serious: there’s a First Aid post on the festivals grounds and security are potty trained and approachable. We’re here for you, so you have a safe Festival experience.

Thou shalt not be bored.

Are you at the camping site the day before the festival and already up for a party? Well! Have we got a treat for you: a preparty will be held from 20:00 (that’s 8PM) featuring winners from the Dj contest we did a few days back. Go and check out Keyser, Ar:kore and Reveillon. It’s worth it.

Thou shalt not peak too early.

As we mentioned, the good people of Safe ‘n Sound are there to give you information about drugs, should you need it. The festival is offering an amazing lineup and great food and drinks, so just leave the substances alone. You can enjoy the festival just as good without the pills and powders.
And if you do decide to take something: inform yourself, let a friend know, drink enough (non-alcoholic) fluids and take a cab if you go home afterwards. Don’t drive. Please.

Thou should be well informed.

Questions, questions, so many questions. You can find all the info you need on the website. Go to www.voltagefestival.com, click on the Practical Info link and you’ll find all there is to know about traveling, camping and accommodation.