General, Releases / 13 April 2020

TRANSISTOR Compilation by Voltage

We were living in a moment we thought would be endless - a time where new clubs were opening on a regular basis and where new party concepts popped up continuously across different cities, organized by an increasing number of collectives. There was something to offer for everyone, and unfortunately, now we are forced to reevaluate where we stand and how we move forward. As a community, we have consistently proved more than capable of facing opposition as the second our music was born we had to justify its existence.

What can we do? Many of our favorite institutions have taken measures to support themselves or others; Fuse, C12, Crevette Records, FFORMATT, and Kiosk Radio to name only a few. These institutions aren’t just places where you go to listen to music and dance on weekends, dig for obscure records, or discover alternative and original selectors; they offer employment to your favorite artists who each have their own fingerprint in giving you an aesthetic, a moment where you connect with yourself and others. Our favorite establishments are making every effort, including pre-selling for future parties, making t-shirts, crowdfunding, or even organizing live streams.

As a label, festival, agency, and community, we at Voltage feel all the more responsible to come up with our own contribution to help address the current situation in a way we find most appropriate.

On the 30th of April we will be releasing the TRANSISTOR Compilation featuring a long list of artists that contribute to our local Belgian scene - north, south, and central. We will be hosting a variety of styles, from hypnotic to industrial, and familiar names; a collection of people who have distinguished themselves in contemporary dance music not just in our country, but around the world. 75% of the proceeds of this compilation will go to these artists in an effort to support them doing what they do best: delivering us joy and a soundtrack to our night. This compilation isn’t just a cry for help, but equally an affirmation that our scene is worth fighting for.

The contributions involved will come from a combination of each of our very own artists from the Voltage Agency and others - proudly including the likes of TWAN, Marco Bailey, One Track Brain, Lunar Convoy, Jacidorex, Sonhan and Kr!z to name only a few - the full tracklist can be found below. We are proud to showcase their work as it represents the current sound of our scene and the music we are eagerly waiting to dance to once again in our favorite clubs and events after this period of confinement comes to an end.

TRANSISTOR Compilation Tracklist:

  • 6SISS - Bloodymindedness
  • Altinbas - Moonshine
  • Atis - Muskus
  • Border One - Diva
  • Counterfact - Stronghold
  • Dardenne - Freq of Fred
  • Davy - Circular Days
  • Emily Jeanne - Unseen
  • Farrago - Tiempo
  • Foreign Material - Altar of Fate
  • GoldFFinch - Placide
  • Hadone - Your Own Personal Dream
  • Haissem - Confound
  • Jacidorex - Noise Disturbance
  • Jan Vercauteren - Object Of Desire
  • Kr!z - Scorpion's Tail
  • lunar convoy - KREEP
  • Marco Bailey - Firefight
  • Neila - Life Plank
  • One Track Brain - The Savage Child
  • Phara - Primrose Gold
  • PTTRNRCRRNT - Kiviuq (irregular)
  • Radical G - One Of Them
  • SIWEI - C.T.B.H.
  • Sonhan - Incubation
  • TWAN - Dead Freight
  • X&Trick - Distance Yourself

The TRANSISTOR Compilation, a name meant to honor an effort to rectify the damages being done to our artists, will be available on all digital platforms including Bandcamp where it will be for sale. We ask you to consider buying it, as COVID-19 has rendered it impossible for these artists to play their booked gigs and therefore benefit from their main source of income.

This isn’t the first time our community has been threatened and it certainly won’t be the last. Music and art become more important as times become increasingly trying. Dancing has never felt so appropriate.

Team Voltage

- Article written by Noah Hocker