General / 07 September 2020

Exchange your Voltage Festival 2020 tickets now

If you've bought tickets for Voltage Festival 2020, you can now exchange them for 2021 tickets or merchandise. Have a look at your email inbox.


You have to exchange your 2020 festival tickets for a credit voucher. Click the link below and follow the instructions.

You will also have the ability to donate your ticket, or a part of it, to our organization. As VOLTAGE is run by a small and voluntary organization, every donation makes a difference. And you get our eternal gratitude in return.


Once you've completed step 1, you will receive a credit voucher from our ticketing provider Paylogic worth the same value as the ticket(s) you’ve bought for the 2020 edition.

You will be able to use the value of that voucher to buy (a) ticket(s) for the 2021 festival. Or you can use the value of the credit voucher to buy VOLTAGE products such as our vinyl releases and merchandise. The link to that custom shop will be in your email.

You can even add extra products to your order basket. If the value of your order basket is higher than the value of your credit voucher, you can simply pay the remaining amount.

More details on this step will be in the email send by Paylogic.


Something unclear? Head over to our FAQ section to find the answer!