5 artists you shouldn't miss at Voltage Festival 2019

In only a few days, the Transfo in Zwevegem, will be the home of techno in Belgium for a short period of time. It’s needless to say that the collection of artists and organisations that gather here will provide the finest music and appease to everyone that visits or works there. We assume that a lot of people already have made their planning to get the best tailor-made festival experience. But for the people that are overwhelmed by what we have to offer, we still have our shortlist: 5 recommendations made by the Voltage Festival crew that undoubtedly are worth witnessing. Let’s present them to you, in no particular order.


VTSS is one of talents that has been representing the ever-growing Polish scene, filling headline slots worldwide. If you should summarize her sound in one word, “rave” might be the best way to say it. But in reality, you get something that contains psychedelic, trancey, industrial and noisy sounds, all packed in a captivating vibe that keeps you going from beginning till end. In other words, we are sure she’ll deliver an exciting performance.

Timeslot: Saturday from 3 PM till 5 PM on the Turbine Stage hosted by Possession.

Nur Jaber

Originally, Nur Jaber was a drums and bass guitar player, but that gave her the grounds to move into Berlin and the magical world of house and techno. While being busy in electronic music for almost a decade, her career started to fly huge heights in the last few, performing all over the world with her highly energetic sets. Boiler Room even coined her as one of the most exciting talents in techno right now. We still think that this applies and therefore we think you should see her!

Timeslot: Sunday from 2 PM till 4h30 PM on the Anode Stage hosted by Rimbu.

Fadi Mohem

The next one on our list also hails from Berlin: Fadi Mohem. Sound engineering is his profession, and electronic music and gear is his passion. This combination leads us to an artist that works under the broad umbrella of electronica, in which he sometimes might deviate to techno. Telekom Electronic Beats featured him as someone that people should keep an eye on, and with his recent release on Klockworks, it only confirms that he started a journey that might be a wild one. Such talent should be exhibited on Voltage!

Timeslot: Saturday from 7h30 PM till 9 PM on the Rotor Stage hosted by Form And Function/Initiate.


Another artist worth seeing is Atis, who’s member of the talented Form And Function stable. His productions are hypnotic and deep and represent the sound which speaks for the Voltage crew. While he might be relatively new to the scene, we are convinced that he will grow and become a name that everyone will come across sooner or later!

Timeslot: Saturday from 1h30 PM till 3 PM on the Rotor Stage hosted by Form And Function/Initiate.


Frenchman Hadone wraps up this list. His sound has no compromises, a fast pace and just contains a lot of energy. A mix of 90’s sound and new techno could be found in his productions and in his mixes. With releases on labels like Taapion, Ravage, KAOS, Voltage and with appearances around the world, you just know he’s an artist that will leave his mark on the scene. And such a guy, is what we need on our playground.

Timeslot: Saturday from 10h30 PM till Midnight on the Rotor Stage hosted by Form And Function/Initiate.