anode stage

Sunday 11 aug

Musician and activist since the first appearance of underground parties called Raves, Umwelt has never stopped to propagate a fierce, raw and analog sound supported by a voracious passion for electronic music. Founder of Rave Or Die and New Flesh Records imprint, Umwelt counts about forty releases to date, raising him among the most prolific French electronic producers.

Long spent outside the radar, this adept of ferocious distortions tinted with sweet melancholy delivered in 2016 his second album, titled “Days Of Dissent” on Boidae. The opus was highly appreciated by the public and acclaimed by Press which considers it as an electro reference.

Drawing his path with instinct, the Lyon based artist, a vinyl and analog freak, continues the work of early pioneers by a wild and straight on the dancefloor mode of transport, while progressively leading the listener into dark, melancholic, dancing and mental atmospheres, he alone totally controls the side effects.