rotor stage

Sunday 11 aug

Besides being a well known face in the party scene of Belgium – worked behind the scenes for Liberty White, Audioviolence, Partybus – TRiXY has quickly gained momentum playing the darker underground techno scene in the West of Belgium.

In just a year she managed to become one of the most interesting DJ’s that emerged in the country's new found love for underground sounds.

Initially learning the ropes by exploring the vast record collection of her lifetime friend Massaar, she quickly developed her own sound. Together with some of her closest friends who share the same passion for music, she started ‘Lab.105dB’ After a few editions of Strictly Techno at Club Basic, she hosted a Lab.105dB stage at Forest Festival, which was a big turning point for her career. TRiXY got noticed and was booked on several big events as Chronicles, Rave Cave Tomorrowland, Lost Theory (HR), to name a few and well-known clubs.

In 2015 she made her debut at the Decadance x Techno Deluxe stage at Ostend Beach and achieved a Residency at Decadance Ghent.
By playing different slots, she was able to grow even more and perfect her skills and style.

With her four deck techno sets she manages to send energy levels through the roof where ever she goes. It has taken her to all sorts of venues with an ever growing following of devoted fans and enthousiasts. Add her particular taste for music and energetic party stamina to the equation and you will know why she is becoming a rising talent in Belgian nightlife.