Takkar Ophion

Takkar & Ophion


Friday 07 August

Bound by their curse, connected through music and inspired by obscurity. Get caught by the spell of startling hypnotic environments and the variety of raving soundscapes Takkar & Ophion deliver.

When these antagonists share the decks, you're in for a ride: Fast, old school techno with hints of the 90s, EBM inserts, and breaky electro touches. Fantasy brings you on a trip from burning rattling cages to the wildest dance-floors.

The immortal chiefs of the Styx, Charon's personal guardians and well-known for their residency at Stygian's River. With more numerous other gigs on their name such as Voltage Festival, Kompass, Kozzmozz, Zodiak, Decadance, Club Vaag, etc. darkness’ personal twofold is prepared to pull you into their wicked realm.