Lorenzo Raganzini

Lorenzo Raganzini & Pøli

Rotor stage

Sunday 09 August

Lorenzo Raganzini

Born in Italy and raised between his homeland and Spain, he founded HEX in Barcelona together with PØLI back in 2014. It started as just an event, but in a few years, it took over the city, evolving into a full Techno movement composed by music, photography, visuals, art, design and clothing; creating experiences that go from club nights to art exhibitions and experimental sound shows.

During his gigs in Barcelona and around Europe, Lorenzo Raganzini played next to widely-recognized Techno artists, always maintaining his extremely defined fast and dark Techno sound.

Some of these names include: Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Sims, Len Faki, Chris Liebing, DVS1, Rebekah, SNTS, Paula Temple, I Hate Models, Dax J, Blawan and many more.

In 2019 he launched the official label of HEX, named HEX Recordings. With a first release both on digital and vinyl, produced by him along with PØLI and including remixes from Regal, Zanias, Insolate, VII Circle, VSK, Alignment, Nico Moreno, AWB, Farceb and Svarog, the brand demonstrated the wide international support received by many respected artists from the industry.

Since his first performance and success at HEX, he has also performed at some of the best clubs and festivals in Barcelona and Europe, such as DGTL, Brunch-In the Park, KHIDI, Input, Razzmatazz, Amnesia, Nitsa, MOOG, Laut, EGG London and many more, having also debuted in Boiler Room.

In the coming years, Lorenzo Raganzini will focus on growing as an individual artist while taking HEX to the next level, showcasing its sound in the largest Techno capitals and festivals. He represents the raviest tones of the movement, delivering ultra-accelerated Techno sets especially influenced by EBM, New Wave and his Rock and Metal background.


Based in Barcelona, this Italian artist has largely demonstrated his unique musical style: a mix of mental, disturbing melodies and powerful Techno. The name PØLI comes from the polygon, a geometric figure with multiple sides that represents the eclecticism of his music.

He has a Techno stamp, but he is not a purist and his sets always carry different influences coming from House, Detroit, Dance, Dub, Trance and 80’s music.

PØLI is well known for his strong closings, always ending with a great energy. Since his first performance and success at HEX, he has also performed at some of the best clubs and festivals in Barcelona and Europe, such as DGTL, Brunch-In the Park, Input, Razzmatazz, Amnesia, Nitsa, Moog, Laut, and many more. He has played alongside great international DJ’s like Ben Klock, Oscar Mulero, Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Marcel Dettmann, Len Faki, Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, DVS1, I Hate Models, Dax J, Rebekah, Paula Temple, Blawan, just to name a few.

In 2014 he founded the Techno movement HEX with his partner Lorenzo, quickly becoming a referent in Spain and now planning its expansion all around Europe. In 2015, PØLI was awarded the Best DJ Revelation prize by Barnabeats in Barcelona. 2019 was the year where Lorenzo and him launched their record label: HEX Recordings, through a first release on vinyl, composed by 4 originals from them and various remixes coming from a very talented roster of international Techno artists including Regal, Zanias, VSK, Insolate and many more.