Ki Ki


Anode stage

Sunday 08 August
15:30 — 17:30

Highlighted as one of the most exciting prospects of last summer, Ki/Ki is no doubt one of, if not, the fastest rising talent to come out of the ever-fertile Amsterdam scene at present.

Her fast-track began as a resident at Spielraum, one of Amsterdam’s most celebrated queer parties, where she has solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with. A true favourite amongst its devoted followers, Ki/Ki was also included in the Spielraum takeover at Berghain where she left no stone unturned. Aside from her residency, she has also left her mark on a series of prolific clubs and festivals such as De School, Lowlands, Reaktor and Draaimolen to name just a few.

Ki/Ki’s diverse style gives the club a fresh perspective with an old sound. This is also exemplified in her ‘New Rave’ radio show which airs on Rotterdam’s radio outlet Operator. Her sharp consistency has not gone unnoticed, so much so her future endeavors include a series of ‘Ki/Ki invites’ parties and visits to Bassiani, Berlin’s Herrensauna plus a full Asia tour including Organik Festival.

With so much activity and momentum behind her name, the possibilities for this young talented DJ seem almost endless.