Desroi LIVE

Rotor stage

Sunday 08 August
20:00 — 21:00

Each artist has a special story to tell about their musicianship. Techno producer Desroi, who in every day life goes under the name Frederic Lindemann, has a relatively no-nonsense one. Observing from the outside, his production process seems to be one of tight structure and focus, holding great modernistic vision.

Desroi studied Composition at Folkwang University of Arts – parallel to his already ongoing career as a DJ, producer and label owner – having graduated in 2018. His craftsmanship combined with a more theoretical academic view gives him a distinguished position on the scene. Desroi is curious about exploring the bridges between contemporary music and techno, and he recently said he is less interested in arrangement, melodies and harmony, and much rather focuses strongly on textures, rhythms and new sounds. Listening to his compositions these quotes makes nothing but sense; Desroi’s techno is entrancing and layered but holds no unnecessary clutter. His tracks are so strictly organized and reduced that after spending some time with these stripped creations, the listener will discover something way more abstract than at first glance. Both as a live artist as well as a DJ, Desroi’s performances again focus on unsparingly and unsentimentally exposed material. Raw surface sounds and screeching futuristic signals prevail. Whereas the live-set is a concentrated form of relentless techno, the DJ-sets are a different journey; big room-oriented, but occasionally serving deeper vibes; small air pockets where one can gather energy before the next pounce.

Aside from releasing on his eponymous Desroi label, focussing on the outright and blatant functional dance-floor side of techno, other highlights were his appearances on Henning Baer’s Manhigh- and Shifted’s Avian imprints. In 2019, Desroi released an excellent and well received debut album “Floating in Empty” on Svreca’s label Semantica on which he will also drop a remix early 2020 together with his musical peers Evigt Mörker and Ulwhednar, as well as a new EP later in the year on his own label Desroi.