Rotor stage

Saturday 07 August
12:00 — 14:00

Davy’s first contact with music started at a young age. From 7 years old he was enrolled in music school and played the guitar and the drums. Then at 14, he found his true calling for mixing records. Managing to get his hands on his very first pair of turntables, it was only a matter of time before he started gigging and throwing parties of his own. Davy made a name for himself as DJ and founder of Down Under at Fuse Brussels, the first underground party of its kind in one of Europe’s best clubs. Today he continues to lead the way with Futurepast, a project started in 2016 with a series at Fuse and now as well in Berlin.

2018 saw the party evolve into a label too, with Davy debuting the first vinyl release The Long Now. Combining his forward- thinking approach to techno and a taste for ambient, Davy offers four tracks of obscure electronic dance music, paving the way for all the label’s endeavours. Brussels, London and Berlin; the three main cities that have helped shape Davy’s sound into what it has become today. His London years (2008-2016) saw him playing gigs around the capital, in Fabric and Corsica Studios, as well as in several other clubs and parties around Europe: Veniceberg, Closer, Ghost Club and so on. Mostly seen behind the decks in the early mornings, he would indulge music lovers in cosmic trips of classy techno.

Making the move to Berlin in 2017 marked the beginning of a whole new phase for Davy. His search became farther and wider, exploring the experimental and hypnotic sounds of techno. Spending more time in the studio he continues to evolve his sound even further, all the while growing his record collection and curating his label with old and new talent. In the past year, he has notched up gigs at respected locations such as C12 in Brussels, Materia in Kiev and Blank in St. Petersburg. Davy pushes the limits as far as he can go, yet as a true DJ, he always finds the right balance for the dance. His ability to engage with crowds at various venues, from super clubs to intimate spaces, shows his experience and versatility as a DJ, while his elegantly curated sets have a truly unique sound of their own.