Cassegrain (live)

turbine stage

Sunday 11 aug

In techno circles, Cassegrain shouldn’t need too much of an introduction. With a label résumé that includes, among others, Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Killekill, and Ostgut Ton — as well as highly regarded performances at Berghain, Village Underground, Concrete, amongst others — they’ve more than stamped their name on the scene. Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen — the two artists behind Cassegrain — formed the project after a chance meeting at the Redbull Music Academy in Barcelona. In the years following, they collaborated remotely via email, sending stems back and forth before making a move to Berlin where they currently share a studio.

Back in May 2016, the duo folded a former secret alias and launched it as a label under the same name, Arcing Seas. The label was created to be an outlet for Cassegrain’s projects and has included a highly praised remix EP (featuring The Mover, Shifted and Peder Mannerfelt) and a special collaborative release with DJ Nobu, Lady Starlight and Tensal which is the first in a series of collab-records with “friends, heroes and inspirations” as they put it.

Although Tsiridis and Evirgen obviously have an affinity for collaboration — the pair also work alongside Tin Man, a relationship that has delivered a handful of EPs and standout live shows — they are also now stepping out as solo artists. Evirgen is releasing as Magna Pia while Tsiridis is Rhyw. With several releases already out, many more projects are in development.