A Brehme

A. Brehme

Diode stage

Sunday 08 August
14:00 — 15:30

A. Brehme is a DJ and producer who is born and raised in Brussels. An audiophile with a worrying obsession about music who gradually developed a definite personal approach with a firm focus on deep atmospheres and hypnotic vibes enveloping the last twenty years of musical history.

Since the age of twenty he's a regular guest at one of Europe's most renowned techno clubs Fuse in Brussels, generally as a support dj for Ostgut Ton or Drumcode label nights. The rest of Belgium soon followed: in growing numbers he performed at intimate venues all over the country and abroad, and large events such as I Love Techno, Doomsday Festival, and City Parade. Brehme made his first release on Coincidence Records in 2014

As a resident dj at the booming Sunday afternoon concept Technoon in Brussels and the infamous Hertz nights in Antwerp, he proves that he excels in constructing both short, profound and lengthy intensifying sets wether it’s as a warm-up act, during peak time slots or throughout late morning closing sessions.