Transfo Zwevegem Blokellestraat 113B 8550 ZWEVEGEM Google Maps


Follow GPS-coördination towards the following address: “Blokellestraat 113b, 8550 Zwevegem” As soon as you exit the highway, there will be signs leading you towards the festival and campsite.


We have multiple parking areas that should be sufficient to provide all visitors a safe parking spot. Please follow the roadsigns towards the designated parking areas. We advise you however to carpool with your friends in order to limit the traffic and amount of cars around our festival area. And by doing so you show you care about the environment!


The nearest train station is “Kortrijk”.

National visitors can plan their train ride by using the “NMBS Reisplanner”.
International visitors can plan their train ride by using the “international planner” Please use “Kortrijk (BE) – Courtraias your destination point.

From the trainstation there will be shuttlebuses towards the festival and campsite. More details regarding these busses will follow soon.


We will provide shuttle busses from Lille Europe Trainstation to Voltage Festival (and campsite). More info (price / tickets / departure times) will follow soon.

More detailed information regarding campsite will follow soon. Please find some basic info here:


  • Healthy and fresh food
  • Free washing facilities (hot showers!)
  • Free toilets


Pre-installed FestiTents will go on sale from 15th of March and onwards. FestiTents range from 1 to 4 persons. A Festitent is a tent that's 100% ready when you arrive. You have the option to book your tent, a mattress, a pillow, a lantern, etc. A FestiTent is the easiest way of camping for those who don’t want to drag all their camping gear. ”


Upgrade your camping experiences and sleep in the utmost comfort. It's like sleeping in a hotel but at the camping site. More info soon!


All visitors need to have left the camping area by Monday, August 12th at 14h00 latest. To access the campsite, you must be in possession of a valid camping wristband. You will receive your wristband at the cash register at the campsite. Don’t forget to bring your ID! No ID = no entry! One ticket stands for 1 entry for 1 person.


Saturday 10 of August: 12h00 – 01h00
Sunday 11th of August: 12h00 – 00h00